Wintek Technology was established in 2002, specializes in the industry of Fibre Communication, RF Communication, Aerospace Life Science, Biotechnology, Biomedical Market, and Material Science Applications. As a team with a research background from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University, we have successfully designed, manufactured, and developed a series of products for our clients in the Asian region in the past 20 years.

We focus on fiber communication, RF and satellite communication, and laser system. We combined optical and mechanical design to produce unique products that can be used in both education research and industrial application areas.  Our products included unmanned systems that using lidar sensors, microwaves, diode arrays, and also GPS. 

We help our customers to develop products based on different project requirements. Enable our customers to solve problems by providing the completed instrumentations, quality and reliable research equipment, and prompt technical support service. Our customers include Universities, Private and Public Institutes, as well as Governmental Institutions. 

We also provide solutions and consultations for high end leading technology products, such as Electronics Optics, Communication Intelligence, Airborne Image Storages, High-Performance ELINT Solutions for Defense and Security application, the communication system for the government integrated project.

XName OTDR Module 

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OFDR-Optical Frequency

 Domain Reflectometry

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 23.17.38

X-ray open platform

for sterilization application

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Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser Source

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Beam Shaping for Laser Material Processing  

Beam Shaping for Laser Material Processing

E-O System

SHICS System

Long Distance Voice Detection

Long Distance Voice Detection