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Research Projects and Products

XName OTDR Module 

OFDR-Optical Frequency

 Domain Reflectometry

X-ray open platform

for sterilization application

Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser Source

Beam Shaping for Laser Material Processing  

E-O System 

Long Distance Voice Detection

Long Distance Voice Detection

LNA Design

A Simple THz

 Frequency Meter

Sensor Data Fusion

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Unman System

  • Multi-million R&D Project on Passive Optical Network
  • Project of Wireless Multimedia Communication Via IEEE802.11g
  • Civil aviation application, to develop forest surveillance civil avionic for bush fire detection and prevention
  • 40Gbps High Speed Communication system
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles Systems
  • Vision and Control Simulation  Platform
  • Reggie Notebook
  • Mobile Game Development @ Satellite War Game Multi-Gaming
  • Photonic Crystal fibres Based Device@ Long-Period Gratings